Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year 2014-Still the God of small things

Here it goes again! God help me and bless me for trying again! Myfitnesspal app worked for a month. Now I am journaling instead. Feels better to write & share in my physical book! List list making and marking it off upon completion. Works for me! Art journaling sounds fun and more feasible for me to achieve and isn't that the point to achieve?! All of the Christmas decorations are put away and calendar/journal set up and facing this new year with great anticipation!
Fasting & prayer and believing God for greater things still makes Him my God of small things!
God has always helped me regroup each year and this year I will begin reading the Bible through to completion more than 25 times! Every time I do I learn more about what He can do and what I must do!
Things I must do:
---Allow my hope to be only in Him!
---Trust the process!
---Wait for His work to be complete!
---Have faith!
What He must do:
---lead me
---love me
---forgive me
---never lie

I do love Him more than anything and the small things are still His to make into what He chooses!
Forgive, love and have faith all small but make Him huge in this world!

Be magnified!

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