Monday, December 9, 2013

Cleansing the Body

Amazing, this journey, we are all walking, running & skipping & sometimes crawling through this life. Mine was brought to a Selah (precious pause) last week when my blood pressure skyrocketed and must have been a forewarning of the extremity of my body under stress. I despise that word. What do I have to be stressed about? I know Jesus the way maker and I have a wonderful family yet at times the circumstances and situations that I cannot change overwhelms me. Now I know I must detox & check the diet & exercise. I usually do this through a set time of fasting & prayer pretty regularly but I knew I needed to step it up at the 50+ aging process continues. Not that I will not still be fasting & praying but need to bump it up a notch. 
Life really does throw us curve balls and the journey continues to provide a variety of game changers with each pitch whether I am ready or not...rarely am I prepared for each pitch just like as a child when I played backyard or front, baseball! I was never ready because I was not that good a hitter and my 3 brothers were practicing for perfection on me and which our friends & neighbor kids would join us! It was still fun and we did our best & ran the bases and called it FUN! The journey is fast paced and filled with unwanted kinks, ups & downs and poor pitches but the point we must remember is to shake it off and move forward, better for the trouble and assured that it WAS worth it! I journey on.
Last Thursday I began using an iPhone app myfitnesspal and I heard about it in November from my friend and ministry friend Yvonne Rimmer who said using it helped her lose unwanted 25 pounds! I congratulated her on the health improvement and said to my dear friend that I was not able to keep up with it! (Though food diaries have helped me in the past!) She willingly shared her progress & app favorites and how she used it and still I was not ready. Until the extreme blood pressure incident!  
I really felt bad with headaches and pains in back for a few weeks between Thanksgiving and this past week when EBP happened. After our successful Children's Revival with several children & adults receiving a deep moving of Gods Spirit and 7 new Holy Ghost in fillings for precious people I should have felt great inside & out! I did! But something had to change when symptoms were indicating a deeper problem physically. So, here I go day 4 of using the app myfitnesspal and no I am not perfect in its use yet, but I am using it! This journey now includes my food diary which bears the evidence that I am eating more that the recommended 1500 calories to reach my good healthy goal weight. I take great comfort in knowing that not being perfect keeps me in good company with others who struggle to maintain a healthy goal weight! 
I have always been a lover of all things natural, organic & close to nature as possible! So, I use baking soda to wash my hair each time and a sulfate free conditioner which keeps my hair full of body and no chemicals included! I have done so for nearly 2 years! I have been making my own laundry detergent for nearly as long & all natural cleaners mostly to save dollars but also to be chemical free! ( I have yet to convince my daughter & husband to join me in my love of organically but they accept this part of my journey & I don't push! Their journey is theirs! )
I have tried many things "all organic" over the years but yesterday added oil pulling to aid in whitening my teeth & detox of the body. It was kind of gagging the first day because I was doing it while showering which nearly drowned me! Today was day 2, I decided it was best to try it while doing morning devotions and before eating. Much better result! I live & learn each day! I made homemade toothpaste today as detoxing with oil pulling must be rinsed with being sure to remove the toxins the oil pulls through the mouth and spit out in the trash! I used olive oil 1 tablespoon held in my mouth closed for 20 minutes. I am happy I started this! The sensitive toothpaste I was using just did not help my dental issues. I am excited to see what this decision changes in my good health. The challenges of my journey to better health will not be easy but should simply my life! Ease of stress and confident that He who has started this work in me is able to perform or complete it! I trust Him!