Friday, January 9, 2015

Our angel Emerson!

Amazing life we have had during 2014! Another beach vacation just before she was born with my mom! Upon our return, we awaited Emerson's birth on June 27th! Shortly after we made the decision to resign from pastoring. Moved our belongings & began work with Barnes & Noble transfer to Vanderbilt warehouse. So much Change! 
She keeps us trying to be better people in our senior years! She makes our lives happy! She makes us appreciate the changes we have made! 
I am excited about the future! Looking forward to seeing the home God will bless us with soon! Appreciate the sharing of our daughter's family home! God knows what we need & my heart's desire! 
I need Jesus more than ever, every day! 

His Word is still my guide & my heartbeat! 
I will run after him but I will also sit quietly & wait for Him! 

Thank You God for our sweet Emmie!