Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Amazing life I am blessed to Embrace

Today marks a unique milestone in our family! Our baby girl ventures out into this great big world to get her 1st job and it happens to be at the State College she plans to attend in a few weeks! We are blessed to have her at home still and attending college locally. Benefits that are  special to us and we are grateful! 
We returned on Monday from a 5 day beach  vacation from which we rested and recuperated from the busy life we lead! Family time is ultra important in this everyday life! 
Things I learned while on said vacation..
never take anything for granted
always be grateful for family & friends and 
I am not required to control circumstances, or others, but I am ALWAYS required to control myself. Quote by @rachelcoltharp

Learning still that I cannot control anything or anyone but me! 
In order to find true happiness I must do my part to change me! My situation may not change but my response to it can and must! 

Long walks everyday on the beach with no noise or clamor but the nature of the precious Atlantic ocean and flocks of sea birds tweeting and calling out to their maker and no cell phone ministered to me in ways only God knew was needed! I should have taken photos of the jellyfish lying beached on the seacoast or pelican dipping down nearby for their meal of fish or ocean life but no! This was not my destiny! 

My Lord spoke through the sweet nature of ocean life to let me know I need to prepare my heart for a "make a room/place for His holy presence to dwell again in peace! My confusion was replaced with defining purpose of strength and power to change my reaction to my circumstance! 
I will! I can! I must! 
I should have recorded the ocean waves beating against my feet as they walked but I did not! I remember now and I pray I always remember! My God speaks through the nature he created just as much as he calls my name in desire to spend time communing with me! 
Table of Inwardness-by Calvin Miller still speaks to me! 
I remember! 
I am blessed! 
Baby girl must find her own way! 
I found mine! 
Please lead her dear Lord, to your peace in her search for her own place in this life & to remember this life is not forever so we must make it count for Christ! 
We are so blessed! 

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