Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year 2013

It seems impossible and yet time marches on, 2013 arrived with many new things as we ushered 2012 out the back door! Changes have always been 2-fold for me, love to clean & change but with order comes a cleansing that is sometimes difficult, in that I must let go! Moving to new houses & making them homes has been an adventure! I lived in a USAF home and we moved regularly and that aids my adventurous spirit! My children have not adjusted as well and that is regrettable. Change is a vital part of our very existence. In order to be well-adjusted you have to be willing to roll with the punches! Not so easy with my eldest children? Sometimes not with me youngest child either!
My scripture reading for today was in Genesis concerning Abram and his call to leave his comfortable home & go to a land he did not know anything about. I am reminded of this each time we pack up and move. No, it is never an easy task, yet a necessary one if we intend to follow the calling of our great God! We are never really at home in this world because our eternal home is impossible to compare to any in this world. Still, I desire to make my family peaceful and happy in ours, wherever it may be on this earth. Obedience was the simple lesson taught to me by Abram's account. Abram followed God with all of his earthly riches and I cannot imagine the convoy following him! Yes! He took it all! He did not know what would be waiting for him in provisions and he was used to his comfortable surroundings! Nomad? Maybe. Rich? He was still. Obedient? Oh, yes! He left one home and took it all with him and gained a new home where God gave him so much more! New promised child and lessons along the way! Teach me Lord, to follow you and allow you to take what I have and blend it with your provisions to create the path to follow obediently in the home you have prepared for me! Make a difference in sharing what I have with everyone and be obedient when you say "GO!"
This year marks the baby girl's graduation from High school. Two married children in their new families. Losses & gains are all a vital part of the circle of life! May the changes you bring into our lives make us stronger & more dependent on you, our great God! Lead us in the way everlasting! May your Word continue to bring light & hope in this dark world! Opportunities to come that help us be SALT to our circle of influence. Show us where to go. Help us to follow!

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